Smart, Easy Control

The smart way to control in your home heating system is by using a smart thermostat which combines the use of an app. This enables you to easily control the heating in each individual room.


Smart Thermostats We Recommend


  • Bosch – EasyControl
  • Hive – Hive Thermostat
  • Nest – Google Nest Thermostat

Smart Control

Change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop. Set and modify schedules wherever you are.

Smart Efficency

Supports modulating burners by effortlessly providing the greatest possible efficiency while increasing the lifespan of your boiler.

Smart Connect

Already have a Smart home? Our thermostats work with any system. Choose the one that works best for your connected home.

Smart Temperature

With smart learning these clever devices can learn your patterns and keep the temperature controlled if you are away.

Smart Hot Water

Save energy and money by controlling the settings of your hot water wherever you are with a smart thermostat.

Smart Rooms

If you would like to control temperature in individual rooms then a smart thermostat can provide that for you.

Need help choosing? 

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