Old heating systems can often get a build up of sludge and limescale. This can cause problems within the system and cost you more money on your gas bills.
If your radiators have cold spots at the bottom, or if you have a noisy heating system then you may need to have your system powerflushed.
Powerflushing will clean all the pipework and radiators in your system by removing any sludge, limescale or debris. The process flushes water at high volumes through the system. We also use chemical cleaning agents to help loosen and dislodge sludge, scale and debris. We do this until the water is clean and the sytem is clear.
The benefits of powerflushing include:
  • Reduced gas bills
  • More efficient system
  • Increasesd system/boiler life
  • Quicker heat up times
If you would like to discuss whether powerflushing is suitable for your heating system, then please do contact us for further information.