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We are here to fix your plumbing emergencies. Our engineers will be there to quickly and efficiently resolve  any plumbing emergency at any time. From a new tap to a burst pipe, or water supply pipe problems click the link below to book your appointment.

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We’ve got lots of availability to choose from, so you can book our expert plumbers at a time that works for you. Our engineers will text you with updates on when we will be with you.


We will endeavor to provide you a guide-price, no-obligation estimate to fix the plumbing issue. If you choose to go ahead with it, then all parts and labour will be included (conditions may apply).

Please note that we may not be able to identify what parts will be required until we have completed a full on-site inspection.
Smaller jobs are charged at an hourly rate for the first hour then in 30 minute increments. A verbal estimate will be provided over the phone before we come to site.


Whether it’s a blocked drain or spluttering tap, our team have the skills to fix all sorts of plumbing problems and emergencies.

Taps Repair

Our expert, local plumbers are available 7 days a week to deal with any tap issues you may have. Our team of engineers carry a huge range of stock in their vans.

Plumbing Repair

From a burst pipe to a leaking tap; we tackle the lot. Any repairs or installations can usually be done straight away by our expert engineers.

Leak Detection & Repair

Using specialist equipment, we can track down the cause of a leak in no time. Once we’ve located the leak, we can also get it fixed.

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

If it’s the hot-water tank in the attic, or the copper cylinder in the cupboard, we can fix or replace it.

Water Supply Pipe Repairs

You my not know that the pipe that brings mains water to your home is often the homeowner’s responsibility.

Bathroom Installations

If you are looking to replace your suite, add a new pump shower or create a wet room, we can help.

Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchens are the heart of our homes. So if you need to fix a problem or you’re thinking about updating, we’re ready to help.

Outside Plumbing

Whether you need help with garage plumbing, your summerhouse, shed or other outbuildings,  let us help you get the right solution.

Central Heating Diverter Value

Central heating radiators replacements come in a wide variety of types. Our engineers are able to help  with anything from a standard to a designer radiator.

Central Heating Filter

Central heating filters are used to reduce the amount of damaging debris in your heating system and keep your boiler running at its most efficient. The most common type of filters are magnetic central heating filters and they are installed on the pipework. Our enginees are fully trained to replace or install these as needed.

Central Heating Power-Flush

Over time sludge and scale build up in your heating system. Our engineers can provide not only the service of cleaning and flushing the system through, but also a range of products that can help minimise build up in the future. We can make your system more efficient and reduce the risk of your heating failing when you need it most.

Central Heating Pump

Central heating pumps ensure that the heat in your central heating systems is distributed evenly throughout your radiators. Our trained engineers can replace or install these to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. Find out more by booking a consultation with our experts. We have 3 options to choose from.

Cold Water Tanks

Looking to have a cold water tank serviced or installed? Leave it to us. Our local plumbers are experts at cold water tank cleaning, installation and servicing.

Vented or unvented cylinder repairs and upgrades

If you’re having trouble with your vented or unvented cylinder, Westflow provides the best choice for repairs,

Cylinder Installation and Replacement

If your cylinder has given up the ghost, Westflow have got you covered. Our team will swoop in to fit you a brand-new one.

Cylinder Repairs and Servicing

A faulty hot water cylinder can be a real pain. Thankfully Westflow are here to professionally service it and repair any issues you may have.

Emergency Plumbing

Our skilled local plumbers will come to the rescue for any kind of emergency, 24/7. Burst pipe? Blocked toilet? Kitchen leak?

Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment. Westflow, supply and fit a range of products to help reduce water usage.

Inlet Block

Our engineers are trained in dealing with central heating mechanical control replacements.

Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve

Our skilled local plumbers will come to the rescue for any kind of emergency.

Pump Replacement

Need a new pump? Let our local expert plumbers help you with a replacement pump.

Radiator Installation or Repair

Our plumbers at Westflow are experts when it comes to installing new radiators and replacing or repairing old radiators.

Re-boarding support base for cold water tank

We can advise and provide support for for your hot water cylinder and cold water tanks.

Shower Fitting or Repair

Need a new shower fitting, or an existing one need repairing? Not to worry, our expert plumbers can fit and repair your shower.

Soil Pipe Repairs

Whether it’s a problem with a broken soil pipe or an issue with the height, our specialised engineers will ensure you are not left with a bad smell.

Surestop Installation

Surestop is an easy way to turn off water and it’s unaffected by limescale. Powered by water pressure, you can turn off your mains with the flick of a switch.

Toilet Install

Looking to replace, upgrade or have a new toilet fitted? Westflow plumbing experts  can help source and fit the right toilet for you.

Toilet Macerator

Macerators like Saniflow provide a solution where toilet waste needs pumping to your drains (mainly ground or lower floor installations). Our experts can advise on the correct ones and install or replace. Contact us for details.

Toilet Repair & Maintenance

Surestop is an easy way to turn off water and it’s unaffected by limescale. Powered by water pressure, you can turn off your mains with the flick of a switch. And Dyno Plumbing can install it for you, with no fuss.

Un-vented Systems

Weare trained and certified in dealing with unvented systems. Only specialist engineers with unvented hot water qualifications may carry out installations. Feel confident in knowing our engineers are the right ones for you.

Water Softener Installation

Living in a hard water area can mean pipes get clogged up with limescale, ruin appliances and cost you more. Westflow will help by fitting a water softener to minimise the effect of limescale and prolonging the life of your appliances.

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