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Founded in 2015, Westflow have been providing specialist boiler, heating, Gas Safe certification and plumbing services in Surrey and South West London.

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I have a water leak, what do I do?

Find your stopcock and turn the water off. If you know where your outdoor stockcock is then turn the supply off.

My sink is blocked, what do I do?

Drain the sink of excess fluid then block the overflow. Pepare the area around the sink with an old towel and try to clear any obvious blockages from the plughole.

Now its time to get the plunger into action, it will work better if you fill up 5-10cm of water in the sink when the plunger is in place.

If this doesn’t work then contact us.

My toilet is blocked, what do I do?

First of all turn off the water to the toilet.
This should be easy to do by accessing the toilet ‘flapper’ in the cistern tank and closing it to stop the flow of water.

Unblocking your toilet with a plunger is straightforward. We’d reccomend that you have the following items to get you started:

  • A toilet plunger
  • A decent pair of rubber gloves
  • Grab some old towels or newspaper to catch any spills
  • Its going to smell so…wear a face mask and ensure you have ventilation